Monday, September 17, 2012

My dear marudi

Oh god... I cant believe I havent blogged about this. Moving from miri to marudi is one of a life changing decision I've ever taken. I'm transferring to marudi for work, of course.. Gonna start my first step as a medical officer there. Um...actually, I'm doing pretty okay now since I'm settling in. But here's the drama that I wrote on my diary app thingy..haha

"Its day 5 here in Marudi. I am still a mess. Its the new place, which is a really small town. The houses mostly look old, so when I first saw the town, I felt like I was back in the 80s. The roads are narrow, and people drive at 40km/h at most. At nights you can hear all sorts of crickets and bugs, and when it rains, the frogs and bugs were all out busting an orchestra. I'm staying at a new house. Everyone is new here. I felt the utmost feeling of loneliness. I feel homesick, missing my bestfriends, missing my old home. I started thinking of my previous routines, how i've missed the familiarity and the comfort of something known. Sometimes I feel like I cant do this! This is crap! I started whining, and throwing emotional tantrums. Sometimes I try to cheer myself up with positive thoughts..but its like trying to hold water in your hands. Its gonna take some time till I'm okay, because currently I'm just not okay."

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